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Year: 2017
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 Christina Williams. fairy of fire

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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

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PostSubject: Christina Williams. fairy of fire   Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:28 pm

Heart Coins:
2000 Heart Coins
Christina "Xtina" “Chrissy” Williams
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Flametopian
Creature: Fairy
Allegiance: Good
Origins: Magic User
Power: Fire
Transformation Cry:
By the fury of fire, take my power to the next level

Flaming Fury: (Fire shaped into a square that is 2 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and can be thrown at enemies which will cause 3rd degree burns)(high)
Blazing Fire: (Fire vortex that stuns enemies for 30 seconds)(medium)
Fire Punch: (arm covered in fire that can cause 1st degree burns when in contact with her arm)(low)
Blazing Ray:(Fire Beam that is able to get enemies from a short distance and burn them for a short period of time)(low)
Blazing Armor: (Orange heart-shaped shield that is most effective against nature spells she can only use it 5 times a day and spells up to medium slow down when they hit the shield that lasts for up to 2 minutes)(medium)
Strength Of Fire: (Spell that gives back 50% to something but will weaken Christina after use for a while)(high)
Fire Embrace: (Fire attack splits in two and goes after enemies which sets them on fire, gives them first-degree burn, and last for 2 minutes or less if they hit someone)(medium)
Fire Bolt: (Fire lighting bolt that is able to stun enemies when they get hit for 10 seconds)(low)

can resist heat very well, very athletic when it comes to obstacles so she does track so she can remember her skills so she applies them in battle so she can evade attacks better, gains power from being near flames

If Christina is out in the cold too long, her powers weaken by 50%, She is allergic to animal dander, Christina doesn't do well in Potionlogy because of how challenging it is

Christina grew up listening to her favorite songs and she loves dancing to them. Christina will get mad if people mess with her stuff because she has worked hard on making them perfect from her viewpoint but not violent. She will try to break up fights so they don't cause harm to anyone even if they might cause harm to her. In volatile situations, she will use her powers to stop it.
Singing, Dancing, Art, Gym, and Music are the things she likes to do in her spare time.
Christina will also not tolerate people bullying others and herself. She will take action by telling the bully to back off or report it. She would rather get her work done before doing anything in her free time so she will have more time and not have to worry about important things.

 hot pink short sleeve shirt, short purple skirt with blue and pink stars, royal blue heels that have light blue polka dots, starts at Magic Winx in fairy form(Each fairy form has orange and pink wings that are fire-themed, orange and pink outfit), and shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes.

Christina is from the Royal Family of Flametopia.
The Royal Family of Flametopia doesn't believe in violence so they will not accept anyone hurting others or the royal family themselves so if anyone hurts them, they will be sent to prison for a long so they can rethink of what they try to do, Christina doesn't like it when people are hurting others so does her older brother.
Christina was born on June 18 and raised on Flametopia by a mother named: Melissa and a father named: Isaac who loved her and her older brother, she has an older brother named Connor.
Christina is the youngest of two children with her brother being 18.
When she was born, her older brother: Connor was very protective of her when their parents were too busy because he had a friend who lost a sister due to being killed by wild creatures while on vacation. So he stayed with her all the time he could until she was 12. Her brother was a guardian for her when their parents were away sometimes.
Her parents are usually busy so she would be spending a lot of time with her brother since their parents are obviously the king and queen.
Her brother would always put her in bed if their parents forgot to. He would keep her with him in public places at all times so no one would try to take her. He would try to comfort her if she would be crying if something sad happened.
Her brother is skeptical of anyone who wants to be in a relationship with her.
She has a cousin named Kimberly who lives with her family since her parents died when she was 3.
When Kimberly came to live with her, Christina felt very happy that she had someone else to spend time with since yet again her parents are usually very busy.
As She and Kimberly grew older, they would do some things together but mostly they do their own thing or play with her sister or her brother.
Like most teenagers, they get on each other nerves a lot of times but they would always make up and be like nothing ever happened.
Christina first found out about her allergy to animal dander when she was 8 when she was playing with a dog that one of her friends had. Then a few hours later at home, she started to sneeze badly and have itchy eyes so her parents took her to the hospital where they confirmed Christina was allergic to animal dander.
Christina first got to use her powers when she was 10 years old when she allowed to cook for the first time by making some noodles as a after school snack when she lit the stove with a little fire puff without turning it on and she told her parents about them and they were happy they she got her fire powers and than she went to the college on her home planet and it didn't help her much, than she found out about Alfea, she really wanted to go there so now she attends Alfea to fully master her powers, she hopes she can get Enchantix when she graduates Alfea and protect the magic dimension with her fire powers.
Christina started to become very interested in Track by the age of 11 so she trained very hard to be able to join the team and she made it after a few more meets to find new members of the track team.
She was a high honors student, earning very good grades, and cleaning up trash around the school every month. She, along with her cousin, they were nominated for homecoming court which Christina won homecoming queen.
The college that Christina went to on her home planet didn't really help her much to learn more about her power and the dark forces of the magic dimension, then she found Alfea and she likes what you can do there so now Christina goes to Alfea to study her power more until she graduates Alfea with Enchantix and becomes a guardian fairy.
Her parents allow her to go to public school with a guard to watch her up until she graduated high school. She does allow the guard to come check on her once a month while she's in college.
Christina is hoping to master her powers so she can protect others with them.
While her parents give her a lot of freedom, she and her cousin: Kimberly have to come to the royal meetings 4 times a year (one meeting every 3 months).

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Dream winx

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PostSubject: Re: Christina Williams. fairy of fire   Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:40 pm

Accepted! There are some things in your forum that are not needed but I will keep them in there for now so it's okay. Hopefully you have read the OC and all the rules for roleplay. Good Luck and have fun!

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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Fairy XP : 7
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PostSubject: Re: Christina Williams. fairy of fire   Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:44 pm

I will, Ijust want toget my OC's ready for whenI want to RP on here
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Dream winx

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PostSubject: Re: Christina Williams. fairy of fire   Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:45 pm

Okay thats fine. You can start whenever. The Role play has been really dormant for a few months and I think since Last year. So, we may need to get it going again. I will work on more plays and pictures for it later. Enjoy role Playing!

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Christina Williams. fairy of fire
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