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 Kimberly Williams, faiy of stars

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PostSubject: Kimberly Williams, faiy of stars   Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:42 pm

Name: Kimberly "Kim" "Kimi" "Kimmy" Williams
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Starlian
Allegiance: Good
Origins: Magic User
Powers: Stars

Enchanted Star Light: (high) (light yellow light that heals people with small cuts with the pure magic of the stars)
Star Dome:  (clear yellow dome that lasts for 3 minutes for 3 times used each day, let's allies who are truly good inside, flashes bright light at enemies who try to touch it, and helps protect but only if it doesn't get hit with too many high level spells. If it is too much high spells hitting at once, then she will collapse and pass out)(high)
Star Beam:  (yellow beam of starlight that moves an opponent 10 feet when they are hit)(low)
Nighttime Ray: (bright yellow ray that surrounds an opponent blocking their vision for 0.5 minutes.)(medium)
Star's Purity: (Yellow mist that will make a person have increased focus for 1.5 minutes) (medium)
Boomerang of the Night:  (star-shaped boomerang that can make opponents glow making them an easier target if they are hit)(medium)
Fury of the Stars:  (lighting bolt-shaped star magic will make an opponent sting for 1 minute which feels like pins and needles poking you)(low)

Light gray hair and eyes like the moon that goes down to her shoulders which is main over her right shoulder, pink lips, sparkly yellow short sleeve shirt, short sparkly silver skirt that has yellow stars, and sparkly silver high heels for her casual outfit

She has light gray and yellow all over her fairy form, a silver crescent moon and a light yellow star on her right cheek. Her hair has some yellow streaks in her long light gray hair, her outfit has a one-strap top that is on her left shoulder that is light yellow with silver stars on it, and her skirt is exactly the same as her top.

very flexible because she does gymnastics, can resist light attacks very well, and studying the stars because she will learn about the constellations and more stars which will also strengthen her powers

Her powers can weaken dramatically if it get too dark, Her emotions sometimes get the best of her, and has a fear of spiders

likes to do gymnastics, patient, would rather have fun first and then work, doesn't tolerate bullies, go shopping with the other fairies in Alfea, watch movies with her family, loves to wear make-up unlike her cousin but not too much, loves to play games with her family, and likes to write. She has a hard time focusing on important stuff when she has something exciting happening soon which to her, time takes forever to pass by. Doesn't get her cousin sometimes like how can she work first and then have fun when she could have fun first and then work. She's adventurous, compassionate, considerate, and good-natured.

Kimberly was born on June 18 and is the only child of a king and queen who had powers of the stars.
Kimberly got her powers from her parents which is obvious because her parents had the powers of the stars.
She is the cousin of Christina: The princess of Flametopia because Christina's mom's sister married a king with star powers so she became queen of that world.
When Kimberly was 3, her parents were killed in a car accident so her aunt (Christina's mom) came and took her in to live with her family and be a princess there too. She gets along with her new family very well since her parents death she considers her aunt and uncle her mom and dad. Her and Christina were born on the same day so they would be considered twin cousins. Kimberly has her own room close to her cousins' rooms.
Kimberly felt insecure most of the time when she was 6. She became a target for bullies to pick on her but many other kids soon standed up her, the bullies stopped, and she gained confidence to be more open with the people around her. When she sees bullies picking on other kids, she will get in the way and tell the bullies to back off.
Kimberly first found out about her powers when she was 8 when outside at night looking at the stars her uncle, pointed at one and a zap of star energy came out, and another star appeared beside it. She knew her powers were very different than the rest of her family because she had star magic while the rest of her family had fire magic.
One day, when the power went out on one summer night. About an hour later, Kimberly tried to used her powers to create a little light but then she notice that the light wasn't as bright as it was before so she figured out that if she doesn't get a bit of light in while, her powers will decrease dramatically.
She doesn't like to talk about the death of her parents because she learned how they died from her aunt and uncle 6 years ago on the 7th anniversary of her parents death. Every night when she goes to bed, she has a picture of her parents holding her in their arms on her nightstand to remember them from her aunt.
One day, she plans to return to home planet to help return it to it's once beautiful self again and might live there once it happens.
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PostSubject: Re: Kimberly Williams, faiy of stars   Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:17 pm

Accepted! Just remember you can only have up to 3 OC's!

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Kimberly Williams, faiy of stars
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