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 Natalieacademy part2 entrance exam

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★gakuenalice ★

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PostSubject: Natalieacademy part2 entrance exam   Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:44 pm

Minako, you won a part in my story.  I was almost finish with chapter 2 and you are going to be in chapter three of course. But for now on you gonna be in all the chapters. I hope you girls like chapter two.

Before school started, Amanda decided to walk to the store. When she was walking, a peice of paper falls on her head. 
Amanda takes the paper off her head and thinks to herself, I wounder what it says
Amanda reads the paper.
The paper says "NatalieAcademy entrance exam today tomorrow then the next day only age 10 through 25 can only take the entrance exam you dont want to mess out on this amazing experience entrance exam starts at 3:00pm ends at 8:00 pm to get into the academy you have to win the dance game for the entrance exam it cost 200 yen for the entrance exam sign up on the paper once you accepted into NatalieAcademy you can live in your dorm right away".

"Omg beautiful academy.Im going to go there.",Amanda said in her head
Amanda hurrys up to school to tells her friends about the paper she just found and what it said.
Amanda arrives at school.
"Good morning Amanda.",implied Mill
"Good morning!.",answered back Amanda
"By the look on your face something amazing happened to you.",says Garys
Amanda hands Gary the paper that fell on her head
Gary read the paper and so does Mill
"Beautiful academy.", replied Mill
"Yeah,my mom went there before she was a teacher. Its a huge academy. My mom told me you get your own room.",agreed Gary
"No way,",says Amanda
"Yeah way,come to my house after school my mom will show you pictures of the academy.",Gary tells Amanda
"Um,I have something to tell you guys. Im going there if I pass the entrance exam. When we where at the concert last night Shin singing inspired me what I want to do in life for my career I want to be a singer.", spoken Amanda
Gary and Mill look at each other and smile then they look back at Amanda
"Go for it best best friend,your amazing singer and someone gonna get inspired by you and being inspired by you is going to make that person realize what they want to do in life for their career. Your so going to pass that entrance exam.", implied Gary and Mill
"Aw you guys.", thx says Amanda she hugs her best best friends and they hug back
"Sorry to but in your conversation,I over heard that your going to NatalieAcademy.", Amanda's classmate, Zoey, said.
Zoey walks over to Amanda and sits in front of her.
"Yup,I leave today.",said Amanda
Guess what? Shin goes there. One of my friends go there as well. She saw Shin there he gave her his guitar pick.
Zoey 17 her parents wouldn't allow her to do the exam because they would miss her too much.
"No way,I get to meet him yay.",said Amanda
"I don't get to do the entrance exam I texted my parents and they said no because they would miss me to much if I went there.",says Zoey as she let out a big sigh Sad
"I see,that stinks.How about when I meet him I will ask him to give you an autograph autograph and I will send it to you.",zingled Amanda
"Thank you so much,I will give you my address." said Zoey as she writes down her address on a notepad.
Zoey then Hands Amanda her address.
"cant wait to send you his autograph.",says Amanda
Amanda puts Zoey's address in her backpack.
"Okay class today I'm going to talk about how computers where invented,computer concept of solving problems should be made easier in 1822.",said the teacher name Mike

School is over

Amanda rushes over to NatalieAcademy.
"Theres she goes,we should go wait for her there to congratulate her.",suggests Gary
"Okay lets do that.",says Mill
Gary and Mill walk to the entrance exam.
Amanda arrives at the NatalieAacademy
"Hi Amanda,welcome to NatalieAcademy entrance exam.", said Shin,Mallory,and Tim
"Amanda thinks omg that Shin yay.",
"Hi there!replied back Amanda
"Welcome everyone,we glad you guys came. To pass the entrance exam you must win the dance game.You have to pay 200 yen for the dance game. I wish the dance game machine was free but that's impossible. First up is Julie Marks.", answers Shin

Julie puts her yen in the dance machine and also picks a song starts to dance
"I wounder if Amanda dancing right now.",wounder Gary
"Im sure.",replies Mill
"Would you like some water?", Asks Gary
"Sure.",says Mill
Gary gives Mill some of his water
"Thank you.", answered back Mill
"Your weclome.", Gary tells Mill
Mill drinks some water
almost everyone is finished with the dance exam. There is just one more person left. Amanda.
Amanda then begins to dance and continues to dance for at least 20 minutes if not less.

Amanda then finishes the dance exam.
Everyone claps cause she did very awesome job dancing and everyone loved it.
"She was amazing.",said Mallory.
"Totally.",agrees Shin as he smiles.
Amanda pass the entrance exam.
"Congratulation everyone who pass the entrance exam, I'm sorry to those who didn't pass. next time you guys will for sure pass the entrance exam. For those who didn't pass the entrance exam you will get prizes.",says Shin

Tim and Mallory hands the  prizes to the people who did not pass the exam
yay I passed the exam my dream gonna come tru, thought Amanda.
How will Amanda first day turn out at NatalieAcademy?"

to be contiued... part three
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Natalieacademy part2 entrance exam
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