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 Were All Magic Or Something?

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PostSubject: Were All Magic Or Something?   Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:10 am

Hey everyone! New story from my Wattpad account, I called it 'Were all magic or something?' on Wattpad so check it out cause chapters will be there first! Its a My Babysitter's A Vampire fanfiction, enjoy!


I sighed as I rubbed my eyes, the sun coming through my windows, I fell out of bed. Ouch! "MOMMY!! DADDY!" I shouted for my parents, Sarah and Ethan. My parents ran into the room. "Riley!" Sarah shouted she ran to me and grabbed my hands to pull me up (just cause im weak for my age), as she touched my hands I had this....vision thingy?

The vision:

My mom ran to me, I was unconscious in the vision. My dad was with her. "She's unconscious...oh god.." I faintly heard my dad's voice. "This is bad...lets get her to Benny's...." Wait, Benny? Benny's my dad's friend! Hm, why wouldn't they take me to a doctors or something? Oh well...

I shook my head. "Vision?" My dad asked me. I nodded "How'd ya know?" I asked, curious. "Well I have visions to, sometimes. Which WERE triggered by Sarah sometimes..Oh! And your eyes were white!" My dad said. My mom chuckled, so did I. "Next thing we know you might turn into a vampire!" My parents said in unison. I looked at my parents, a surprised expression. "Huh? Was that supposed to be a...joke?" I asked. They nodded. I shrugged. "Hey can I go visit my friends, ya know, Jennifer, Sam, and yeah, So can I?" I asked them, hoping I didn't have to BEG! "Sure!" Sarah smiled "But be back so we can take you to school!" Ethan shouted, "BENNY'S TAKING US TO SCHOOL, DAD!!" I shouted as I realized I was still in my pajamas. I quickly went into my closet to change. I got into some jeans, a blue and white long sleeved shirt and a headband! Of course I was wearing shoes! I walked out of my closet and ran out to the living room, I got my lunch and ran out the front door.


I was expecting Sam and Riley to be here any moment! Any moment now! My parents, Benny and Carly (Carly is an oc cause I forgot if Benny had any romances Razz or if he was in any ships, I was only focused on Rory and Erica, and Ethan and Sarah at the time lol) walked into my room. "5....4...3.....2...1!" My dad counted as there were knocks on the door. Sam and Riley! I awnsered the door, their were my two best friends. "So uh, Jennifer can I talk to you, in  private?" Riley whispered I nodded and we went to my parents room.

I sat on my parents bed, so did Riley. "So whats up?"" I began a conversation. "Well....I had a vision. A weird one. My first ever vision." Riley began. "So your like a....seer or whatever?" I asked. She nodded. Wow...my best friends a seer.

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Were All Magic Or Something?
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