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 a girl trap in the mirror chapter three sleepover

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★gakuenalice ★

Fairy XP : 242
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PostSubject: a girl trap in the mirror chapter three sleepover   Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:36 pm

"Thank you for inviting to your sleep over.",implied Shasta
"Yourweclome,I figured you need the fun being trap in the mirror for a year.",indicate Karen
So there's only one way of getting out of the dimenison using Ben wand?"asked Natalie
"Yes,I searched everywhere to find a way out.the dimenison is  like living in a maze going through each path never finding  way out.",says Shasta
"Man,what a horrible experience you been through.If we where friends then I would have came so fast to rescue you from him.",zingled Shasta
"Aw,thats so sweet of you to say.by the time you would have arrived in my room it would have been to late.",indicate Shasta
"We need to figure out how to trap him in his wand,there's no point in trapping him in the mirror since he can get out with his wand.",sass Natalie
Karen smiles because she has alot of ideas to trap him in the mirror

do you girls want to play hot lava game?"asked Karen
"Hot lava game.",orate Natalie
"We pretend theres lava in the room and we pretend to escape.",yak Karen
Shasta and Natalie look at each other they both like the idea
"Oh no there's lava.",murmured Shasta
"Run to my bed.",rasped Karen
the girls runs to Karen bed
"Oh no no,how are we going to escape.",wonders Natalie
"We can climb out of my window.",parry Karen
Shasta looks at Karen window her window is up high  
"Yeah we cant climb out of your window because its up high.",answers Shasta
"Right,I forgot.I have a rope in my dresser I put the rope underneath my window we can escape that way.",respond Karen she hurry's up to her dresser and gets on top of her dresser.Karen got the rope then she hurry's up back to her bed
Karen she swings the rope underneath her window
"Oh no my special necklace my boyfriend got me is on the ground,I have to get it.",counter Natalie
Natalie was about to get off the bed Karen stops her
"No you cant!,your boyfriend will understand why you dont have it anymore.hurry up girls ",come back Karen
the lava was just close coming to the girls the girls made it out on time

"That was so much fun,Im never going to forget this night.",Shasta tells the girls
"Me either.Imagine if there was actually lave coming you get lucky to get out depends on how your house is made.",enquiry Natalie
"Yeah,that would stink you cant get out.one thing I wouldnt want to die in lava.agreed Shasta
"Same.",both said Karen and Natalie

"Lets braid each other hair.",thorough Karen
"I braid Natalie's hair.",justification Shasta.
I will braid Shasta's hair."surrebutter.",Karen
"Then after I braid Karen hair.",retort Natalie
"Alright.",smiles Shasta
the girls begin to braid each other hair at the same time the girls are braiding each other hair they are telling each other jokes and laughing about them
Shasta is braiding Natalie's hair in a french braid way
Karen is braiding Shasta's here in waterfall braid way
Alex is watching a movie called Free Style and eating a snack at the same time watching the movie
Karen finishes braiding Shasta's hair and Shasta finishes
Karen's hair
next Natalie braids Karen's hair
Natalie is braiding pony tail way
Natalie is  still braiding Karen's hair
Natalie still continues to braid Karen's hair
Natalie finishes Karen's hair
the girls look in the mirror to see how they look
"Pretty.",all three girls said

"Im going to make some tea you girls want some?"asks Karen
"Sure.",both said Shasta and Natalie
"I help you make tea.",answers back Shasta
"Im going to grab my magazine read it in the kitchen when we in the kitchen.",says Natalie
"Okay.",implied Karen

dang it I dont remember where I put my magazine at Natalie says to herself she looks for it by the mirror
Ben attacks Natalie with his magic wand from where he is hiding Natalie dodges the attack by falling on the ground.
Ben comes out from hiding
"I knew it if i was alone you would come,grr.",says Natalie
Natalie is so mad at him for the horrible thing he is doing

to be continued...

Last edited by ★bagelandburritos★ on Wed Aug 24, 2016 4:57 am; edited 2 times in total
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★gakuenalice ★

Fairy XP : 242
Posts : 1528
Age : 25
Location : alfea

PostSubject: Re: a girl trap in the mirror chapter three sleepover   Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:40 am

i hope you girls like chapter three for chapter four im gonna post it on this post
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a girl trap in the mirror chapter three sleepover
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