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 Levina sparks, fairy of Lightning

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PostSubject: Levina sparks, fairy of Lightning   Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:56 pm

(the lightning bolt won't fit near her neck so I put it on her arm and leg instead)

Heart Coins: 2000 Heart Coins
OC Sheet 2.0
Full name: Levina Sparks (electra)
Age: 16
Planet: Domino
Power: Electrifying moon (lighting
Current fairy form: None yet
Personality and bio:
Levina is the strongest fairy on her planet and she is Princess on it too. Her power can cause great destruction and can take over anyone or anything so, when she gets to Alfea, she don't know her power yet but she will learn about her power and her past when she goes to alfea. She is very shy at times but works as hard as she can to achieve for greatness. She loves to make new friends and sometimes try out new things even if they are risky like going on a risky adventure that may cost her life. She will do anything to protect her family and friends from danger even if that means taking her life or her power. Her power is very dangerous and sometimes can be hard to control. But if she works hard then she can learn to control it with no problem at all.

Levina has Purple hair that is down. She wears a pink top with a pink and purple skirt. Her symbol is a lightning bolt so it is on her neck as a birthmark but don't realizes till later on and then she will learn more about its purpose and who she is later on as well. Her eye color is purple. She wears purple heels with purple socks. She is also very pale looking and has pink lips. Her Charmix outfit would be: She will have purple top and purple skirt with some pink in it. Her birthmark lightning bolt will show up more and glow when she uses a lot of magic at one time which is very dangerous. She will have purple shoes and pink highlights in her hair. Her wings are purple and maybe some pink in there as well.

Spell list:
Lightning Bolt: It will shoot the enemy across the room depended on the level skill the enemy is but it does a little damage to it. (Low)
Lightning shield: Creates a shield in front of her to block out the attacks that her enemy throws at her.(Medium)
Lightning strike: She attacks the enemy at a good strength and does a good force amount of damage to the attacker doing a lot of damage. (High)
Bolt of light: Has a little strength and pushes the enemy back a bit and possibly knocking them down. (Low)
Electric Kick: strikes the enemy and does a lot of damage to them. (high)
electric shock: Strikes the enemy with a little damage but also can electrocute them depending on the force and power she puts into it. (medium)

Background history:
When Levina was a baby, she used to be able to levitate things in her sleep when she has a certain dream. People say its a curse, but she thinks that it is telling her something. When she was 5, Her sister died without explanation during a witch attack (but she could still be alive, Levina don't know it yet) and her parents got kidnapped and she had to go save them and that is when she found out that she had powers. When she was 10, she went on an adventure through the forest and met witches that tried to capture her but she escaped and she had no memory of those witches. When she turned 16, she went to the famous fairy school to begin her training. Alfea school for fairies.

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Levina sparks, fairy of Lightning
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