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 me and brother band audition new story

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★gakuenalice ★

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PostSubject: me and brother band audition new story   Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:30 am

hi girls brandon is back from my story a beatful night turns out bad he is in new story i hope you girls like my new story Smile

"Good morning mom.",said Jane
"Good morning,Going to Audition for your brother's best friend band.",wonders Kathy
"Yep,I cant wait mom.",replies Jane
"Good luck,You can do it.",smiles Kathy
"Thank you mom.",says Jane
"Wait Jane dont forget your lunch.",said Kathy
Jane grabs her lunch
"Sorry Elizabeth you didnt win the audition,You didnt do a bad job singing.When you singed you where a little off key.Keep practing and you will get better and lot of bands will want you.",replies Brandon
*Elizabeth sighs and walks away*
"Next up Jane sparks.",says Cole
"Hi guys,im going to sing my favorite song from Austin and Ally Who I Am.Here I start.",said Jane

Jane she begins to sing
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Maybe I shouldnt lied
I was in over my head all the game that I played
Just played me instead
Please forgive me,Im trying to forget I was to
busy frettin;how dumd can I get
Oh oh oh ,so busted
Oh oh oh,I messed it up,up,up
Gonna tell you what,what,what
Gonna dance like a freak,I'mmma be tonight
"Go sis !.",replied Cole him and his best friend and his other
friends dance and cheer for her
Sing the wrong words in to the mic
Cause thats just who I am thats me thats who I am thats me
I dont care if they laugh at me if I lose my grip on gravity
Im doing the best I can cause thats just who I am who I am,thats just who I am
Cole,Kyle,Chase,Brandon,Mark clap
"Congratulation Jane you win our band audition,You where wonderful.",says Brandon,Chase,Cole,andMark
"Whoot,yay.",excitedly Jane
Jane smiles

To be continued...
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me and brother band audition new story
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