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 natalieacademy chapter 4 enemy/rumors

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★gakuenalice ★

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PostSubject: natalieacademy chapter 4 enemy/rumors   Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:28 pm

Amanda she is sitting at the waterfall mountain working on her first song

"There you are I finally found you.",implied Alex
"Hi.",shocked Amanda
"Im sorry for being rude to you in class yesturday,I can be a jerk sometimes but im a good person too. When I say mean things to people sometimes I dont mean the things I say.",retort Alex
"Its okay I forgive you.",smiles Amanda
"Great,by the way my name is Alex.Weclome to NatalieAcademy.",parry Alex
"Thank you.",yak Amanda
Alex he sees sparkles in Amanda eyes how pretty she is

Alex his cellphone rings
"Hey Alex.",mimicked Brad
"Hey,I take back what I said about Amanda looking like a dork.", Alex says as he walks away

Julie she keeps walking back and forth in her room as she keeps doing that she thinks in her head how to get revange on Amanda I could tells lies about her thats it rumors Julie she smiles evil
"Weclome to Lolacafe,what would you two like to order?".",wonders Mallory Mallory she is the academy piano teacher and waitress
"Hi Mallory,I would like to order ramen and shrimp.",wailed Brad
"For me I would like to order curry and rice Balls.",simpered Alex
"Hi Brad,order coming up.",implored Mallory

"I said sorry to Amanda about being rude to her y esturday.",orate Alex
"That great,now you two can be friends.",says Brad
"Yeah.",smiles Alex

Amanda she sees her two best friends Gary and Mill she runs up to them

"Omg you guys are here,I missed you guys.",queiried Amanda
"We missed you too,guss what.",both said Mill and Gary
What?"Asked Amanda
"We going here now.",Gary and Mill both told Amands
"Yay,we get to hang out again everyday.",rasped Amanda
"We hate the thought of not seeing you for a very long time until you gradute,it wouldnt be same with out.",sass Gary and Mill
"That wouldnt have happend,we would have still hang out reguardless of me being busy.",answer Amanda
"It wouldnt have been the same,if something came up and something happend you would have to leave right away.",come back Mill and Gary
"Will you dont have worry about that anymore,when something comes up and something happens you two get to hurry up and come with me.",antiphon Amanda
"Totally.",Gary and Mill both smiles at Amanda she smiles
Eirin she plays the piano

"What classes are you guys taking?"asks Amanda
"Im taking guitar class and piano class.",mewed Mill
"Im taking drum class and flute class also guitar too.",prodded
"Thats right you love playing the guitar,cool guys.",lets go to my room and play board games.I brough the games yesturday.we
gonna have alot of fun play them.bawled Amanda
"Okay.",oozed Mill
"Thx for treating me to lunch.",spoke Brad
"Np dude.",chirruped Alex
When Amanda walks in the hallway everyone looks at her weird
she wonders why everyone is looking at her weird
so is her friends too woundering why they are looking at her weird
Amanda she grabs her classmate arm his name his Peter to stop him from walking
Why is everyone looking at me weird?"asks Amanda
"There are rumors going on about you.",says Peter
"What!.",angry Amanda

to be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: natalieacademy chapter 4 enemy/rumors   Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:26 pm


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★gakuenalice ★

Fairy XP : 242
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PostSubject: Re: natalieacademy chapter 4 enemy/rumors   Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:21 pm

lol simplynoon when you said that made laugh that was funny im glad you like the fourth chapter
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natalieacademy chapter 4 enemy/rumors
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