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 Halloween Meaning contest

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Dream winx

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PostSubject: Halloween Meaning contest   Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:40 pm

Here is another contest for you all. This one will not be a story writing contest. This one will and can be turned into a poem. However, it does not need to rhyme. What you will do is take a Halloween word such as Halloween, pumpkin, scary, spooky, skeleton, ghost, vampire, werewolf etc..and then spell it out like this.
What does this word mean to you? To answer that question, you will then take each letter and put one Halloween word next to it that starts with that letter. To make it even spookier, turn that word into a sentence. Rhyming is optional. Here is an example. I will take the word Halloween.
H- Haunted houses are fun to explore
A- Apples covered in caramel is something we all adore
L- Lanterns help us see at night
L- Lurking in the shadows is what monsters do to stay out of sight
O- orange is the color of a pumpkin that we can all carve soon
W- werewolves as they howl at the bright full moon
E-Excited as Halloween is my favorite Holiday
E- Eyeballs which stares at us if they may
N- Nightmares from noises we hear night by night but I didn't say

I totally made this up and I did choose to make it rhyme but you don't have to.

You must pick one word that goes with Halloween and make sure that you write sentences. Rhyming is optional. You can use some of my words that I have in the examples since there isn't a lot of words for each letter of the alphabet but you can not use the same sentence as mine. You can put it in your own words but no stealing word for word.
The word you choose is totally up to you. You can use any Halloween word you want. You can use the actual word Halloween if you wanted to. Just be creative and make your own.

For the prizes, they will be about the same for the other Contest too. Everyone will pick from the same set.

-A contest winner rank for 1 month
-A Halloween badge- This one will be different. You can either choose to get a square badge, like I usually give out, or you can choose to get a Halloween pet for your badge placement.
-Username glow
-Username change
-Spotlight opportunity. Have the opportunity to have your poem viewed to everyone. I will post it on here with a 'Happy Halloween' message on Halloween, I will post it on Social media when I share the forum link with everyone on the Halloween day and I will let you choose any special places you would want to hang your creativity up. (this option is in the thought process and is being worked with but will still be an option for this contest)

Deadline: October 28, 2016

Can't wait to see what you all come up with! Good luck everyone!

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Halloween Meaning contest
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