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 Jenevi Sol, Fairy Of Light

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PostSubject: Jenevi Sol, Fairy Of Light   Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:00 pm

OC Sheet 2.0

Name: Jenevi Sol

Age: 16

Planet: Solaria

Race: Solarian

Power: Light

Spell List(2 Low, 2 High, 3 Medium and one of those spells has to be a defense spell):

Personality: Jenevi is very positive, and outgoing, she likes to make sure everyone is doing well.

Appearance (will be updated through winx club avatars): Jenevi has blonde hair, with a light orange shirt. She has jeans (cause I suck and am not as creative as usual today)

Background History: Jenevi, when she was young, as in through the ages of 4-7 she attended the school of Solaria children. Most people tended to like the school, where as she hated it. Some of the people there were nice. Some were the worst. But, the school is not important here. During her pre-teens, she tended to be a bit paranoid in the face of danger. When there was a witch attacking her home, she was paranoid, and fearful, but then she sprouted with magic flowing out of her. The witch was pretty much gone after that. She, herself, was not certain having powers was a good thing, especially at the age of 13 and 14. But she got used to it. She used it in the times she had to. She eventually asked her parents if she could go to Alfea, at first they said no, thinking that she wasn't really gonna enjoy it, but she eventually did A TON of begging and they said yes.

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Jenevi Sol, Fairy Of Light
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