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 a girl trap in the mirror chapter five final chapter confesse feelings

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★gakuenalice ★

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PostSubject: a girl trap in the mirror chapter five final chapter confesse feelings    Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:57 pm

Karen is on her laptop watching zoey101 here comes Kyle he knocks on her door
"Come in.",retort Karen
Hey brother whats up?"asked Karen
"Im finally going to confesse my feelings to Natalie.",parry Alex
"Oh my gosh finally,how are you going to confesse to her?"are you going to be romatic when you confesse to her?"when you confesse to her are you going to take her to disneyland confesse your feeling there?" disneyland is a magical place.",wonders Karen
"Im not good at being romatic thats why the last girl i liked rejected me being bad at romatic,I dont want Amanda to reject me.I want her to like to me back.please help me be romatic.",mimicked Alex
"Sure I help you bro,how about this for being romatic make her dinner and play music.",jeered Karen
"I like that idea lets do it,one more problem im not good at cooking.",oozed Alex
"Neither am I,as long as we follow the directions on the cook book we will be okay.I will text Natalie make up a lie for her to come over.alright lets start.",wailed Karen
"Okay.",smiles Alex

Karen and Alex get the ingredients they need to make the pizza
Alex he puts the baking sheet on the pan then Karen she rinses the dough after then Karen puts the dough into the mixer then Alex puts the indredients in with the dough the next thing Alex does mixes the dough and the indredients Karen she forgets the sugar she goes grabs it when she go grabs the sugar she was paying attention she accidently crash into the container the sugar the sugar falls down on her Alex and Karen laugh about that then Alex puts the pizza in the oven

4 hours later Alex and Karen check on the pizza when Alex opens the stove the pizza is burned
"Oh no great the pizza burnt.",what did we do wrong.",sighs Alex
"Let me see,we where only suppost to leave the pizza in for one hour.",yak Karen < looks at the cook book
"Man we left it in there to long.", sad Alex
Karen sees him sad she doesnt like to see him sad
"Listen brother you dont have to be romatic just for a girl to go out with you,if she dont like you for who you are then her lost she has no idea who she missing on.",bawled Karen
"Hey guys I cant wait for the dinner party,whoa why does it smells like burnt in here?".",implied Natalie
"Oh no she is here."whispers Alex
"You can do it ask her out." whispers back Karen
"Okay.",zingled Alex
Could I talk to you outside?"asks Alex
"Yes.",sass Natalie
"The reason why its it smells like burnt in the kitchen I wanted to be romatic for you because i have feelings for you when asking you out I wanted to romatic for you me and Karen left the pizza into long that turn out a disaster.",upset Alex
"Aw thats so sweet of you,I have feelings for you too.reason why i never told you how I feel about you I was scared to tell you because if you didnt have feeling back for me and reject me.",says Natalie
"So was I.",come back Alex
So now what?"asked Natalie
If you want we can be a couple?"asks Alex
"I would like that yes.",happy Natalie
Alex and Natalie smile at each other they happy they together and then he kisses her she kisses him back
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a girl trap in the mirror chapter five final chapter confesse feelings
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