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 Iife Outside The Country

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PostSubject: Iife Outside The Country   Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:51 pm

{Miley's POV}
I saw my dad it looked as if he was making a..list! "But we dont need lists for anything!" I tought in my mind. I walked over to him "What are you doing?" I asked my dad as I was sure something super major was about to happen. "Miley were moving to California where the very lovely girls are!" my brother Jackson said I rolled my eyes "Dad! Jackson only wants to go to California for the girls!" I said "Sweet nibblets! Jackson you know that you're not getting anybody until you're 18 and you're 17 now!" my dad said angrily staring at Jackson. 
The Next Day...
I was on an airplane! "Woah!" I said imazement. A lady came by and gave me some water and pretzels same for my brother and dad. I closed my eyes "Mom you're with me everywhere I go..." I said quietly. "What was that?" my dad said. I just shaked my head as in telling that I didn't want to talk about it.
5 Hours Later...
I can't believe were in California now! "So many people!" I said estatic. "And theres the house were living in!" My dad said pointing to a house with alot of room. I jumped up and down.

A Hannah Montana Story! Sooo I thought I would make an HM story!
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Iife Outside The Country
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