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 Project Magicis Addatur Gratia

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Bloomix Fairy
Bloomix Fairy

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PostSubject: Project Magicis Addatur Gratia   Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:25 pm

Or 'Project Magical, Graceful Charm'

Minako likes using google translate

I've been having ideas about my own show. It be a magical girl show like Winx or Sailor Moon, but maybe a little darker idek.

I'm thinking the age range between 11-15 or something and the style to be like the CGI in SotLK or MA. Not MotA because that's ugly and I've came up with four season ideas.

Season 1: 6 girls against the creatures of Hybrid, which is a realm and it is described as 'A haunting realm filled with blood and nightmares, only the bravest soul may be able to enter through it, no person has lived to tell the stories of the mass murder and crime which happens there'

Season 2: 8 girls against the 3 heroes, who are heroes of the realm yet deadly towards any other people or people who oppose them. They have vast amount of power and can easily charm people against them. They have always been allies. The girls must awaken the Great Saige to beat them.

Season 3 8 girls against Obsidian Aurorahime (she usually likes being called Aurorahime) who is kind of like my villain DESPERA, similar past but much more evil, wants to end all life and start her own colony, uses a close friend of one of the girls for her advantage.

Season 4: 4 against 4, 4 of the girls change to try and unleash something devastating, yet the other 4 must stop them before it's too late...

Main 8 girls:

Aria- Power over the harshest storms and weather. Is the leader due to her leadership skills, not due to her power level. She is quite social yet is a little unsure at times. She has the best flight of the girls and her wings are her special items.

Alice- Best friends with Aria, more shy but still can be social. Has the power over darkness and shadows, she has a lantern as her special weapon. Yet she seems quite mysterious, like there is a secret about her...

Kelsy- Her name is slightly based off the Kelper planets, she is the strongest and owns the universal kaleidoscope, yet isn't too fond on using her full powers unless its an emergency. She is older than the rest of the group as she doesn't attend school anymore. Is quite calm but passionate in her beliefs.

China- The power of fire and purity belongs to her. Yet she prefers to use green flames to red ones. Is very wise yet quite harsh and may be ruthless in battle. But she is extremely polite to her closest friends. Her weapon is the 'Legendary Fire fan'. In season 3, she shows some control over mythical animals, including phoenixes, unicorns and dragons.

Ocarina- The ocean and the holding of the Comb of the Unexplored, Ocarina is more light hearted, but one of the smartest in the group. She is fun and gets along well with her friends, but for her enemy at school? She is more than violent and rude...

Estonia- Named after the country she was born in, Estonia moved away quickly from her country and lost her accent. She is quite a rational thinker and enjoys science. Her power is over the coldest polar regions and owns a whole dimension inside of a large pot. The pot she can use as her special weapon too.

Niravana- A waitress at her café, Niravana is a confident, creative girl. She has power over the super natural and a little over gems. Has the spiked bracelet as her special weapon. She enjoys partying and enjoys reading too.

Marita- This girl enjos doing lots of things and is talented at lots of things. She has control over natural disasters (mostly earth related ones) and general natural things. Is an eager person but easily gives up and gets frustrated when something isn't perfect.
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PostSubject: Re: Project Magicis Addatur Gratia   Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:11 pm

I really like the plots!
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Bloomix Fairy
Bloomix Fairy

Fairy XP : 235
Posts : 972
Age : 14
Location : Hell

PostSubject: Re: Project Magicis Addatur Gratia   Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:34 pm

Thanks :p I might design the outfits soon idk xD
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Project Magicis Addatur Gratia
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