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 Shar Queen, the element of wind

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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

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PostSubject: Shar Queen, the element of wind   Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:33 pm

Name: Shar Queen

Planet: Grew up on Pyros


Power: The ability to manipulate the wind and create mild storms.

Spell List:
Inner Wind is the most powerful attack and can only be used in great need like self preservation and the preservation of those around her, its a great big blast of wind knotting out those starting from 6ft around her to 150 ft radius.

Galit Hangin(Air Rage): medium strength, a gut of air that displaces the person that she angry at by flipping them upside down.

Pusaran Angina(Vortex of Wind):medium strength, a group of small tornados that acts as a shield, it lasts for 30secs.

Hangin ng Pagka-di-Makita(Wind of Invisibility):medium strength, the ability to become invincible until she runs into something, something hits her or she loses her concentration.

Init ng Hangin(Heat of Air):low strength, causing the air to heat up around the attacker to distract them.

Personality:She like to be by herself and doesn't always get along with others, strong willed but also has a soft side, she is will stick up for her friends and the people that she is with. She likes chilling by playing card games and by sparring.  She also has a darker view on life and normally sees the darker side of life.

Appearance: Light gray/white hair with blue and purple streaks, it is cut in the hime cut style. Darker colored skin. Bright green eyes. Will wear almost anything as long as it ain't pink.

Background History: Grow up on Pyros, taught herself hand-to-hand combat as well as how to use her powers to the fullest. She and her younger brother were abandoned there by their parents when Shar was 10. When she was 14 and her brother was 7, her brother wondered off and Shar never saw him again.  She blames herself for his disappearance and as a result her powers are slightly darker in nature. She is very much a lone wolf and has a hard time trusting but will fight to save the magic dimension from those that would harm the innocent. Her mother was an earth fairy that went to alfea and became a teacher there and her father was a wizard, they met on a blind date. She doesn't remember a lot from her life before Pyros, but the one thing that she does remember is that her parents loved each other, her and her brother and would do anything to save them and the magic dimension. Since starting at Alfea she has had a hard time learning how to not be socially awkward, and how to deal with being around large groups of people.
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PostSubject: Re: Shar Queen, the element of wind   Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:38 pm

Accepted! Sorry for the delay.

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Shar Queen, the element of wind
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